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SOURCES is an award-winning social project featuring documentary films and print magazines.

Our aim is to share the narratives of the individuals, locations, and the environment at the heart of our food production.

Our Story

Our mission is simple yet profound: to illuminate the intricate narratives of the coffee, tea, and cacao producing regions through a captivating blend of films and magazines. The films delve deep into the stories that span the spectrum, from the uplifting triumphs to the challenging trials. At the heart of our project lies a dedication to portraying the people and places that shape these narratives.

Magazine 1: Cameroon

The primary motive of this issue is to bring insight into the turmoil and instability facing the English, or Anglophone region of Cameroon, from an experienced perspective. The people of this region from Cameroon seek to share their plight and current situation with the world. Initiating interest from readers outside the region will bolster conversations inside and outside Cameroon.


Cameroon, Beans of Resistance

A 152-page visual odyssey with fine art photography and immersive narratives, spotlighting the lived experiences from Cameroon's Anglophone region.

This issue delves deep into the long-standing strife that intensified in 2016, resulting in over 3,000 lost lives and displacing half a million. By sharing the personal stories of turmoil and hope, we aim to amplify the voices of those affected, fostering global dialogues.

Profits from the magazine sales directly support Cameroon's subsistence farmers and the displaced within the troubled Anglophone region.

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