SOURCES is a publication devoted to sharing comprehensive stories from different parts of the coffee producing world. These stories bring both positive and negative current events to light. 

The magazine takes an initial interest in coffee producing regions or producers implementing sustainable practices; then delves deeper into complex situations that need to be shared with the outside world. 

Our hope is that readers engage with these stories, allocating the time to drink a coffee towards being educated about real situations faced by other humans. Understanding the situation gives a deeper appreciation for your cup of coffee and the people involved. Just reading this and educating yourself, initiates progress towards change. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy the issue, gain some insight, and put forth some effort towards facilitating change towards a better future. 

Editor in Chief

SOURCES donates profits from the sale of the magazine towards supporting farmers and people involved at the origin. The focus of this issue is to support subsistence farmers in Cameroon and internally displaced people within the Anglophone region of Cameroon. 

SOURCES magazine was launched and developed by CROPHUB. gocrophub.com 

This issue is only made possible by the involvement of the Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee team, the SOURCES team and our supporting partners listed at the last pages of the magazine.